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Learn Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy

A company needs to have a driver policy in place for many different reasons. When companies do not have a policy in place, issues can begin to arise. This information, written from a legal perspective, will help company owners to better protect their bottom line while ensuring their employee drivers practice safe driving at all times.

Why Implement an Employee Driver Policy?

Implementing a driver employee policy is essential. This type of policy is one of the most effective means of risk prevention. It offers many benefits that can help company owners to better protect themselves against injury and damage claims. The following are some of the benefits that can be offered.

  • This type of policy helps to create a cohesive set of rules that are to be followed by all drivers. Once the policy is in place, existing employees and new hires will need to be informed of the policy and given written rules to follow while driving on the clock.
  • Having an employee driver policy in place can greatly reduce accident claims. When drivers follow the rules and receive instruction, they are typically more aware of their driving habits and work to practice safe driving at all times.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts for companies who implement this type of policy. Insurance companies are likely to view a company as being more proactive and responsible when they have a driver policy in place.

How to Get Started

Working with a legal professional can help to ensure the employee driver agreement is legal and binding. The policy should include rules like only driving for work-related errands. There should be an absolute no alcohol or drug policy and the employee will be held responsible for paying any tickets or fines they incur while driving the company vehicle.

This is Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy. Without the right policy in place, company owners can place themselves at risk of facing legal issues. If you would like to learn more about setting up a policy, call the office today to schedule an appointment. They will help you through the process, every step of the way.