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4 Signs That It’s Time for a New Mattress

Sleep is a crucial part of life, and almost 60% of people think it contributes to their effectiveness the next day. However, only 10% prioritize it over other health aspects such as fitness and nutrition. How does poor sleep affect health? Cognitive decline, heart disease and diabetes have all been linked to sleep deprivation. By finding out what contributes to low-quality sleep and making lifestyle changes, it’s possible to reverse these effects. Here, buyers will get some additional info on the signs of a bad mattress.


The experts recommend replacing the mattress every seven to nine years. An old, worn-out mattress doesn’t offer the support a body needs. The average mattress has a lifespan of approximately eight years, but they may wear out sooner depending on quality and other factors.


Over the years, a mattress accumulates dust mites, dirt, and other debris. These are common allergens, and they quickly trigger reactions in sensitive individuals. If household members wake up with symptoms such as watery eyes and a stuffy nose, it may be due to allergens hidden in the mattress.


Sagging and dipping are reliable indicators of a poor mattress. If it has started to lose its shape and sink where people sleep, it’s time for a new mattress. An old innerspring mattress may start to creak with movement, and this also indicates the need for a replacement. When a mattress becomes this worn out, it can’t provide support to the body, which leads to neck and back pain.

Exhaustion After a Full Night’s Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should get at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night. However, if that much sleep doesn’t leave one energized, it may mean that they’re not getting quality sleep. A new, comfortable mattress may significantly improve sleep quality while providing support and comfort.

Consider Buying a New Mattress

There are numerous signs of the need for a new sleep surface, such as back pain, exhaustion, weight gain, and allergies. Poor sleep and bad health isn’t something to be ignored. If any of these signs arise, consider investing in a new mattress.